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I am thinking of quitting…

So if you read this, which i doubt, go to Bulbapedia ( to get your news.

I know nobody reads anyway, so…

I hate doing this, but, our news isn’t valued. Sorry. Our only commenter, Go Gyrados, deserves thanking. Thank you, GG!

Well, um…I guess I’ll be going now. Thanks for reading. I had fun blogging on here.


(and Wa


P.S. There are two new Pokemon. Just thought you should know.

😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

Bye, readers…

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New Pokemon! Yay!

I added a new theme for the site, if you hadn’t already seen 😉

The new header should be coming soon.

Anyway, there’s a new Pokemon! It’s called Coromori in Japan! Yay! Here’s a picture (all we know about it so far):

<– Coromori is the one on the far right 🙂

So, Professor is still number one! OMG!

Waddles can’t post lately, so I’ll be doing that. If I get any more info on Coromori or other Pokemon, I’ll post ASAP.

Thanks for reading!


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Quick Update About Our Site

I think I’m going to do some major construction for a few days.

So, it’s going to be a little messy…

And I was looking through searches today…and Professor Araragi is still number one!


^Sorry, I’m just kind of angry. No idea why.

No more new info. That’s about it then.

So bye!








Just to make that clear 😉

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Even More Black and White Info!

There isn’t a lot of new info yet, but I’m happy to say that Black and White are coming…

September 18- Japan

Spring 2011- North America

Those are the only release dates I know, sorry!

I just found this news article on Bulbapedia:

There are five new Pokemon announced!! Plus, there can be triple battles with three Pokemon at a time battling! How is that for cool?!

Two new moves, too. They are: Grass Mixer and Drill Liner. Here are the Pokemon names and pictures (I don’t know which are which! Sorry!)






These aren’t the English names, just Japanese.

The pictures aren’t very good so far, so I’ll just give you a link.

To see the pictures of new Pokemon (they aren’t that good, okay?), go here:,_gameplay_shown_on_Oha_Suta

So there you go!

P.S. Another of my favorite new Pokemon is this one (circled in blue):

IDK why, it just fascinates me! One more thing: Waddles and I think we found more new Pokemon. But I can’t find the pictures, so…

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Your Searches- Professor Araragi

I’ve been looking at you guys’ searches.

EDIT: Another way people spell it is Professor Aragi. Araragi is actually correct. So if you were searching and used ‘Aragi’ it wouldn’t do it, but now I think it does. 🙂

One of the most popular was Professor Araragi (as implied by the title!).

Not much has been said about the Isshu professor. Here is all I know (and probably all the public knows):

  1. She’s a female (duh)
  2. She’ll offer you Tsutarja (Grass) Pokabu (Fire) or Mijimaru (Water)

And that’s about it!

<– Isshu regional professor, Professor Araragi.

One more thing:

NO, I have no idea what her English name is. Unless Araragi is a tree…which I don’t think it is. (It is actually a butterfly species- thank you, Wikipedia.)

Is Araragi a butterfly professor? Hmmm…We’ll just have to find out. 😉

Stay tuned- and keep searching. We’ll help you find what you’re looking for- or try very hard 😉


P.S. We just reached 1000 hits! Yay!!

Now, why isn’t anyone commenting? YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO.

Now for my ‘comment’ propaganda.

Why you guys must comment:

  1. It only takes a minute.
  2. You know you want to.
  3. It helps us make the site better.
  4. If you don’t, you make us feel sad 😦

So, comment! But no spam. Spam is rubbish (lol) and a waste on this places’ hard drive or whatever.

*waves cookie in air for first commenter*

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Big Generation V Info (& some more news)

Alright, we’re back.

For now.

There have been many breakthroughs of Gen. V.

One is the covers of Black and White (which feature Reshiram and Zekrom, respectively) and the other is seven new Pokemon (excluding Reshiram and Zekrom)

As promised, I will tell you all about the new Pokemon! Which Hmhsmfan will be doing!

Hola. Hmhsmfan here, telling you about the nine new Pokemon. I’ll start with the version mascots.

Reshiram (my fave new Pokemon, besides Tsutarja) is Fire-Dragon type. It is the WhiteYang Pokemon, and graces the front cover of Black version. It’s ability is Turbo Blaze, and it’s 3.2 meters tall (confused by that) and my unit converter says that’s 10.5 feet. Let’s go with that.

<– Reshiram

Zekrom (I call him my evil transformer dude) is Dragon-Electric type. He’s the Black Yin Pokemon. Surprised? Eh. Not really. He’s on White Version. The ability is Teravoltage. Zekrom is shorter than Reshiram at 2.9 meters (9.5 feet).

<– Zekrom

This is a long post already, and I’m not even halfway *sigh*.

Alright, now for Chiramii, the Chinchilla Pokemon. It’s type is Normal. Chiramii’s only known move is Sweep Slap, which slaps the foe multiple times. The ability is Cute Charm or Technician. Height is .4 meters (1.4 feet ??)

<– Chiramii

Munna is a really weird Pokemon, to say the least. I saw it and I was like O-O. It is the Dream Eater Pokemon, Psychic type. The ability is Synchronize or Forewarn. It’s new move is Telekinesis, which forces the foe to float. It’s nearly 2 feet tall.

<– Munna O-O

Giaru is like Magnemite, a lot. It’s Steel, the ability is Plus or Minus. The move is Gear Saucer, which hits the foe multiple times with two gears. Surprise surprise, it’s the Gear Pokemon, and isn’t even a foot tall :/

<– Giaru (told you it was like Magnemite!)

Mamepato is a Baby Pigeon Pokemon. Waddles and I believe it’s your bird Pokemon. Kanto was Pidgey/Spearow, Johto was also Pidgey, Hoenn’s was Wingull, and Sinnoh’s was Starly. Mamepato is Normal-Flying, same height as Giaru. Ability is Super Luck or Pigeon Breast, which prevents the defence from going down.

<– Mamepato

Hihidaruma, the insane gorilla. It’s the Blaze Pokemon, Fire type, and the ability is Invigorate. One more thing: Hihidaruma is 4.2 feet tall.

<– Hihidaruma

Shimama, the Electric zebra. The type is Electric, the species is Electrification Pokemon. The ability is Lightningrod, or Motor Drive. It’s reminding me of Manectric a little. Shimama’s move is Wild Bolt, which is like Volt Tackle. It’s real powerful and has recoil. Shimama is 2.6 feet tall, apparently.

<– Shimama

This is the last new Pokemon 😦 It is Meguroko, the Sand Crocodile Pokemon. It’s Ground-Dark, and reminding me of whats-it-called, that snappy guy with those jaws…Uh…Mawile *yeah, I just looked that up*. Anyway, Meguroko’s ability is Intimidate or Overconfident (raises attack when user defeats a foe). Meguroko is 2.29 feet tall.

<– Meguroko

The new professor for Isshu (the region) is Professor Aragi in Japan. She’s a woman, the first time in Pokemon history.

That’s all we have right now for Gen V.

And for the other news.

Waddles has been looking at your searches, so now we’re going to make posts to help you find what you’re looking for. *shuffles papers*


and Waddles.

Wow, that was a long post.

Hello everybody!

No news for a while now, but I have breaking news!!!
The fifth generation has arrived in Japan, but you know Pokemon lovers- we take a sneak peek!

The new games are Black and White! Linky for the images:

Sorry, can’t get them meself 😀

And they come out this fall in Japan on a new console- the Nintendo 3DS (plz note that this may not be the final name!) or the Nintendo DS. Not sure yet.

The 3DS can play DS games, but the DS might not hold 3DS games. BTW, the 3DS can do 3-D graphics without glasses! Awesomeness!

The new region in Japanese is Isshu! It is really far away from the others, but it may have CARS! OMG! POKEMON HAVE CARS NOW!!!

Now for the most excitement- starters! You want pictures? I have links to the OFFICIAL JAPANESE ANNOUNCEMENT. Unless you read Japanese, it won’t make sense, but you so want to see these images.

I love the Fire dude, Pokabu! xD ninja pig! But my ultimate fave is Tsutarja- the Grass guy. I have no idea why. But I do not like the Water guy. Waddles and I agree that he is totally creepy! His name is Mijumaru!

For more info on the starters, see Bulbapedia, k?

Now for more on B&W themselves!

In addition to the improved graphics, a number of aesthetic changes have been made from previous generations, including an altered battle scene, speech balloons for dialog, and a combined Pokémon Center and Poké Mart building.

That was from Bulbapedia ^^ Sounds totally awesome! Except for the Pokemon Center/Mart thing. I find it kind of creepy!

New battle scene:

Please forgive me for not putting in these pics directly, but it would cost me a lot of time and computer space 😦

Now for the best part: player characters!!! See the pictures on the Japanese site by clicking here:

My opinion: the girl is awesome 😀 but the guy looks like a girl and thus makes me kind of creeped out and glad I will not choose him! There are no names for them yet. We’ll keep an eye- or ear, or mouse- out!

One last quote from Bulbapedia:

Black and White will be compatible with all five Generation IV games. While the full details are not yet known, transferring the shiny legendary beasts released with the 13th movie in Japan has been confirmed to unlock an event in the games.

Yay! I have Entei, Raikou and Suicuine thanks to cheat codes! Now I get an event! Wait…it says shiny. Dang.

Sigh. Don’t you want to live in Japan now? LOL! Bye!

Your Favorite Postal Carrier (I know, random!)


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I Have Big News!!!!!

Sup people! Sorry about not posting for, like, five months. But I have BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG news- THERE ARE TWO NEW POKEMON!!!!!!!!!!!!! No lie! It was first released in this Japanese magazine, but here it goes! This is a sprite for number 490 whatever, but for now it’s 494:

ISN’T IT COOL?!?!?! It’s name is Zorua (at least in Japanese), and it’s the Dark Fox Pokemon. THIS ISN’T FAKE, OKAY?!!!?!? All we know so far is that it’s a dark-type, and it evolves into Zoroark, which is this dude that stars in the thirteenth Pokemon Movie. For now, it’s number 495:

THIS SPRITE IS FAKE It’s a little blurry, but I couldn’t get a better image. It’s the Illusory Fox Pokemon, and is also a Dark-type.  I hope whenever the new Generation Five Pokemon Games come out (which they will next year, by the way), that I can catch one!

Other from that, here is a list of Pokemon Games I want this year:

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon

Image:Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Wii.pngWell, actually just Blazing Adventure Squad, but I couldn’t get a separate logo. BTW, here’s some Wondermail Codes to get neat Pokemon:
Pokémon [hide] Wondermail Code
File:490.png Manaphy Level 7 H%42 15NY
File:152.png Chikorita Level 5 RT#H XW#0
YRM= 5&@7
File:137.png Porygon Level 23 #8T& S65&
File:485.png Heatran Level 25 15HY N0KQ
S=T0 T58%
File:147.png Dratini Level 5 WN-6 YC@5
-#27 2F%4
File:321.png Wailord Level 40 WT29 J-+R
File:130 s.png Gyarados
Level 30 6159 #4=%
File:131.png Lapras Level 40 H@8% @40N
-9=9 YH@M
File:406 s.png Budew
Level 5 79-% 7YF1
7YF1 R+@6
File:187 s.png Hoppip
Level 5 6JCQ Y443
818J YW36
File:442.png Spiritomb Level 40 #X2W &44=
JN99 5H@W
File:376.png Metagross Level 45 %4YN M#05
=FP+ @9SQ
File:272.png Ludicolo Level 45 K-43 P@@0
0S-Y 7%KC
File:390.png Chimchar Level 41 Y3Y= =@X@
W%H# =+-F
File:448.png Lucario Level 51 NK-M T&61
File:275.png Shiftry Level 45 P-3M +#FJ
80RY 44+9
File:302.png Sableye Level 57 #-F5 5N-%
+P4S 5C#6
File:350.png Milotic Level 40 4T2N JN#+
PJ81 5HC-
File:100 s.png Voltorb
Level 5 5F9S 0F79
PJ81 5HC-
File:407 s.png Roserade
Level 50 K--Q &X%R
1%MC =8TX

Totally awesome! What the…my font is all weird! Too bad. Anyway, here’s another game:

File:Pokémon Ranger Tracks of Light Japanese logo.png It’s called Pokemon Ranger, Locus of Light, the third ranger in the series. Here’s what’s new:
  • The game takes place in a place called Oblivia
  • The antagonists are called Pokemon Nappers, that kidnap Pokemon (Gee, sooooo original!)
  • Professor Hastings and Murph come back (for the third time!)
  • Your partner is this Pichu who carries a Ukulele.
  • Raikou, Entei, and Suicune serve an important role (sounds like Ranger 1)
  • There’s this new feature called Ranger Sign, which allows you to draw runes to summon the legendary beasts and Latias and Latios. They must serve an important rule as well, because look at the box art!
Sorry it’s so blurry. What the…my font changes AGAIN!?!?! Oh well. Anyway, back to the list.

  • Players can now combine field moves to clear a target. Odd, yet cool, right?

And then there’s one final game:

The name is PokePark Wii: Pikachu’s Great Adventure. So, I went on the Japanese Pokemon sight and used Google Translate with Hmhsmfan, right? Well, we found out that thus thing called the Prism of Sky is a main element of the game. Also, this random Pikachu falls out of a hot air balloon, or whatever, and her buddies, Chikorita and Piplup (like the most awesome starters there are), somehow get involved with this, too. Also, this Mew “Phantom Mew” is wreaking havoc on the Pokemon Paradise, PokePark. I find that insulting, since Mew is my ultimate fav. TOTALLY! It’s sort of like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, which is why I like it.

There are 193 Pokemon that can be found and beaten in the game, but some are only from Strength Trial. Strength Trial is the main gameplay mode, which means there are more than one. It’s unlocked after going to the Misdreavus Shop, whatever that is. Here are the attractions where you can meet Pokemon:

  1. Blazekin’s Punching Rock (GO BLAZEKIN! Firepeck is awesome!)
  2. Empoleon’s Snow Slider  (I stole a Blazekin from my rival in Diamond by using Action Replay. I named it Haha Barry cuz his name was Barry and I stole it from him, so)
  3. Dusknoir’s Running Crash (what the…I hate Dusknoir! Why does HE get an attraction?)
  4. Bastiodon’s Panel Crash
  5. Absol’s Hurdle Succession (I trained an Absol named Absolsnowy once…don’t ask on the name)
  6. Rhyperior’s Heat Up Fight (…? I think the name speaks for itself)
  7. Salemence’s Super Sky Race (which reminds me,  speaking of the sky, the game has something to do with Rayquaza and Deoxys…I saw them fighting this Pikachu in one picture…)
  8. Bulbasaur’s Foot Face
  9. Venasaur’s Rope Swinging (YAAAA Vines gets his own attraction! Whoo!)

And that’s it. Other from that there’s this new trading cards coming out, called Reviving Legends, but the Pokemon Company is still working on it in, like, Japan. Here’s a list of cards:

Reviving Legends

No. Card Name Type Rarity
001/080 Oddish Common
002/080 Gloom Uncommon
003/080 Vileplume Rare
004/080 Bellossom Rare Holo
005/080 Scyther Common
006/080 Pineco Common
007/080 Combee Common
008/080 Vespiquen Rare
009/080 Flareon Uncommon
010/080 Slugma Common
011/080 Magcargo Rare Holo
012/080 Horsea Common
013/080 Seadra Common
014/080 Kingdra Uncommon
015/080 Kingdra SuperRare Holo
016/080 Vaporeon Uncommon
017/080 Jolteon Uncommon
018/080 Chinchou Common
019/080 Lanturn Rare
020/080 Lanturn SuperRare Holo
021/080 Rotom Rare
022/080 Grimer Common
023/080 Muk Uncommon
024/080 Espeon Rare Holo
025/080 Misdreavus Common
026/080 Mismagius Rare
027/080 Unown Uncommon
028/080 Drifloon Common
029/080 Drifblim Rare
030/080 Onix Common
031/080 Gligar Common
032/080 Gliscor Rare Holo
033/080 Larvitar Common
034/080 Pupitar Uncommon
035/080 Makuhita Common
036/080 Hariyama Rare
037/080 Umbreon Rare Holo
038/080 Murkrow Common
039/080 Honchkrow Rare
040/080 Sneasel Common
041/080 Weavile Rare
042/080 Houndour Common
043/080 Houndoom Rare Holo
044/080 Tyranitar SuperRare Holo
045/080 Sableye Common
046/080 Forretress Rare Holo
047/080 Steelix SuperRare Holo
048/080 Scizor Rare Holo
049/080 Skarmory Rare
050/080 Mawile Common
051/080 Beldum Common
052/080 Metang Uncommon
053/080 Metagross Rare
054/080 Rattata Common
055/080 Raticate Common
056/080 Doduo Common
057/080 Dodrio Rare
058/080 Eevee Common
059/080 Togepi Common
060/080 Togetic Uncommon
061/080 Togekiss Rare Holo
062/080 Smeargle Rare Holo
063/080 Entei & Raikou LEGEND Rare Holo LEGEND
064/080 Entei & Raikou LEGEND Rare Holo LEGEND
065/080 Suicune & Entei LEGEND Rare Holo LEGEND
066/080 Suicune & Entei LEGEND Rare Holo LEGEND
067/080 Raikou & Suicune LEGEND Rare Holo LEGEND
068/080 Raikou & Suicune LEGEND Rare Holo LEGEND
069/080 Energy Exchange Device G Uncommon
070/080 Defender G Uncommon
071/080 Rare Candy G Uncommon
072/080 PlusPower G Uncommon
073/080 Legend Box G Uncommon
074/080 Flower Shop Lady Su Uncommon
075/080 Sage’s Discipline Su Uncommon
076/080 Rocket’s Trick Su Uncommon
077/080 Ruins of Alph St Uncommon
078/080 Burned Tower St Uncommon
079/080 Darkness Energy E Uncommon
080/080 Metal Energy E Uncommon
081/080 Alph Lithograph G
And that’s about all the news today. Thank you so much various pages of Bulbapedia. I recommend going there! Also, thanks a bit,, for several images as well. Yes, Bulbapedia and provided the information, too.

With all being said, Waddlespink9, over and out! 😆

1%MC =8TX

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Your Bff, Hm


I know y’all want cool Lugia and Ho-Oh figures. Here’s the pictures:

Yeah…click to enlarge (Or not). Wanna know how to get them?

  1. Go to GameStop before March 14
  2. Pre-order HeartGold, SoulSilver, or both.
  3. Then say “OK” and get a Pikachu-colored Pichu while there (it’s free and you can get a Celebi when the games come!)

They come out March 14th, 2010 (OMG! THIS YEAR!)

And I would love to give a shout out to Go Gyrados with his cool comment.

Go see it on the COMMENTS page.


-Your BFF, Hmhsmfan

P.S. I got a bunch of new games to tell you guys about, but Waddles is probably taking care of it, and if she doesn’t, I’ll post later. Cool?

P.S.P.S. I made myself head of the awesome HeartGold, SoulSilver stuff. You know what I did to prepare? I headed to here to look at the tech specs. For girls preparing, I did some research on the new player character! Click here! If you people need help for naming your characters, I look up cool names and make a list 🙂

Last minute tips:

  • Go over starters to avoid indecision on March 14
  • Go to the links I provided
  • If you have trouble naming your character, make a list of cool names I can help you if nessesary
  • OR, just WING IT!


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Okay, I am NOT happy. So far, only one person other than I have commented, also besides HM.

Hm, why did you change my name? I’ll change it later…

Anyway, you need to comment. Otherwise I am kicking you ppl off.

BTW, I am also dissapointed that it is 10 days past limit and nobody entered the contest.

Ok, I will make ANOTHER  contest: Tell me why this blog sucks. Not kidding. No responses will make me quit.

-A very unhappy WP9, over and out

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