Hello, this is Waddlespink9. Sometimes in the main blog, I shall post contests among us blog-readers. I don’t wnat to give any away right now, but soon, when I get more hits, you’ll be sure to see me advertising contests soon. Waddlespink9, over and out!




  1. Yo pplz!
    My name is Go gyrados and I LOVE Pokemon!
    They are a great time thing. I have, all the games, and I, always get a Gyrados and name it Ash.
    I love the anime. You run a cool blog, but post more.
    You do know there is a new Pokemon? Like, Zapdos or whatever. Sorry, it’s Zoroa and Zoroark. I heard they were in the cool new games called Pokemon Topaz and Opal versions. I don’t think it’s true, though. i’ll try and comment as often as you post, ha ha.
    (Fake Email up top!!)

    • Hello Go Gyrados,

      We try and post a lot but we forget, too 🙂
      I’m going to try and post more often, no worries. Especially now with Generation V on the rise. Hopefully there will be Pokemon Topaz and Opal, but we don’t know anything for sure except Zoroa and Zoroark. Keep up with us because we get our news from the Japanese Pokemon Site, so it’s always new and fresh. BTW, Ash is odd, and tell us more about yourself on the CQQ page or the regular blog. It’s great to have someone here!

      -Hmhsmfan 😆
      Author of Right from Japan Pkmn News!!

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