Here’s a list of all the games ever created that’s Pokemon, starting with the very old ones up to the very new ones. I might as well start with the Generarion I, AKA, the very old and rare games that literally nobody has.

The first one we’ll be discussing is Red and Green with the Japanese box art.

Then the next game they made was Blue.

 After that, they finally transfered to USA, and thus, Red and Blue were born. But, however, Green unfortunatley did not get transfered over 😦

Also, along with that, sort of replacing Green, came Pokemon Yellow, where the only starter was Pikachu.

  I believe that was in the Kanto region as well, even th0ugh it was only a Pikachu starter, which is what ironically happened to Ash. Next came Pokemon Stadium.

 And this is Stadium for the USA.

  Finally, we get down to Generation II, starring Silver and Gold.

Most people think Crystal came out with them, but it actually was released later, like with Platinum. It starrs Suicune, so you’d think there’d be other games starring Entei and Raikou, but actually the other parts of its trio never became mascots.

  And then came Stadium2, which I think if I’m not mistaking was for the Ninetendo 64. I only have a DS and a Wii, but I do have Gameboy games, so that makes three controllers, but I don’t really know. Anyway, moving on.

 Aha! There we go. Generation III is around the corner, and I have Leaf Green and Emerald out of those eight. Man, do I need to get Ruby or Sapphire…I want to see how much it’s different from Emerald. Here’s Leaf Green and Fire Red, which are remakes from Red and Green.

 Yeah go Kanto! It’s my home region (technically it would be Pokemon World 1, actually) but what’s awesomer than that is that my favorite region came forth with Ruby and Sapphire.

 Aaaaah…one of my favorite games is up next. Emerald. I just love that game. Emerald.

 I just like it, that’s all. It’s pretty cool, and it was acually superior in the anceint-Gameboy times. I also like the Pokemon Rayquaza, too. He defeated a lot of people in one hit…that explains why the Pokemon League was so easy. Anyway, moving on. Here’s Pokemon Box.
 I honestly have no idea what that is, so don’t ask me. Next is Pokemon Colosseum.

  I’ve heard of it, I know I have, I just don’t recall what it’s about. It’s for the GameCube, the anceint Wii, so I wouldnt know, but…Here’s another game I heard of but I don’t really know, Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness.

 That’s Shadow Lugia on the front. He doesn’t really exsist, just in that game only. Think of him as a Dark Lugia, like some cards have ‘Dark’ in front of them. Dark Dragonair and Dark Gyrados are my only two that have a ‘Dark’ in front of them, and I have over 500 cards, I think, so they obviosuly are rare. It’s a shame it’s for the ancient GameCube- I would’ve got it. I LOVE Lugia. They’re so cool, even though I’ve never actually trained one 🙂 Moving on.

And now we go into the last and final Generation, Generation IV. EVERYBODY knows these ones up next, so I won’t even bother tell you their names.

Woo! Go Diamond! All my best Pokemon are stored on there, and I just LOVE Dialga. Him and Giratina are tied for my second favorite, whereas obviosuly my first favorite is Mew, because of my avatar 🙂 Another one of my favorite games is up next: Platinum, the newest-released Pokemon Game (at least in the USA. Japan alreasy has Sky 😦 Luckies.)

 I started over Platinum, and of course I transferred my beloved Giratina there. Obviously him and my Dialga are in my party, along with my Mew, and other Pokemon who I forgot…Oh yeah, Rayquaza, uh, and I believe Manaphy and Celebi.  Anyway, here’s Pokemon Battle Revolution.

  It was actually released BEFORE Platinum, but I just put it here because Platinum is part of the Diamond and Pearl trio. This game’s okay, I like it and all, but I’m stuck at this one part where you have to throw darts at your Pokemon and your opponents, because most of the time my opponent gets my Rayquaza (Level 77), my Dialga (Level 63), my Mew (Level 100, but I sometimes use the Level 75 one), so you get why I always lose. I just get stuck with their Pokemon, and they don’t know any good moves at all. That is why I barely play it. Moving on.

 This is My Pokemon Ranch, sorry I forgot to announce it. I have no idea what this is about, but you can download it off of the internet onto your Wii. I heard something like if you get 999 Pokemon in your ranch or whatever you get a Mew, so I would totally get 999 Pokemon to move into my ranch, but I don’t have that game. Oh well…at least I have two Mews, one Level 100 and one Level 75 to keep me happy. Anyway, now this is the end of Generation IV, and now we move on to the side games.

First we have the Trading Card Game, which was probably made before most of the people I have listed.

 There also is another Trading Card Game, called Here Comes Team GR!…There’s nothing wrong with it, it just sort of sounds odd. Who’s team GR, I don’t wanna know.

  File:Pokemon Card Game GB2.jpg
Next is Pinball. First we have the old Pinball that nobody has now-a-days.

File:Pinball Coverart.png
And then we have the newer Pinball, Pinball Ruby and Sapphire. I knew a guy who had this, but he sold it on EBay. Bummer, right? He should have given it to me…

 Next we move into the Puzzle Games. Here we have the Puzzle League and the Puzzle Challenge.

 This is the Puzzle League, for people who are internationally good at puzzles.

And now we have the Puzzle Challenge, which is probably harder than the Puzzle League. I’m kind of glad we’re leaving puzzles behind and getting to a new set of games. Right…the Hey You, Pikachu! Games.

Here is Hey You, Pikachu! I’m kind of glad I have no idea on what this is about.

 And here is Channel. Yes, it is just called Channel. Kind of bland, but at least you can talk to Treecko, Mudkip, and Torchic by the looks of it. More Hoenn people…YAY 🙂

Anyway, we are FINALLY moving into my ULTIMATE FAVORITE POKEMON GAMES EVER!!!!!!! They are…Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 Here’s Red and Blue Rescue Team.

I have a fondness for these guys because Blue Rescue Team was my first Pokemon Game ever. I actually thought it was one of those Trainer games that I’d seen people playing, like Leaf Green or Fire Red, but if I hadn’t made this simple mistake, I wouldn’t be hooked on Mystery Dungeon. This isn’t my favorite dungeon game, but it’s obviously my second favorite game. And now, ladies and gentelmen, boys and girls, I present you so much of a big hit this summer that they made a sequel to it, POKEMON MYSTERY DUNGEON EXPLORERS OF TIME AND DARKNESS!

Oh my gosh, I LOOOOVVVEEEE this game! I’ve done it about 4 times, because I kept restarting Darkness. I couldn’t restart Time, because I’m already a Level 100 Chikorita and my partner is a Level 100 Piplup, and we have Mew, Rayquaza, Dialga, Palkia, Manaphy, Cresselia, Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf, Latios, Latias, Zapdos, Articuno, Celebi, and Groudon on our team, along with 50 pages more of people. Guys, I honestly did this all without cheats. HONESTLY. Yeah, that’s how hard I worked on it. AND I’M BEING HONEST. Anyway, I’m a Level 37 Skitty in Darkness, with a Level 37 Torchic partner. I forgot to say that I’m a Level 46 Grovyle in Blue Rescue Team, with a Level 37 Typloshion partner. Anyway, I just love this plot- the first one, too- and I never get bored playing it even though I know what’s going to happen. That’s rare for me on a game, so great job, Pokemon Company! This is your best work, in my opinion 🙂 

Anyway, next is Sky, and I’m so psyched for that it’s not even funny. I can’t WAIT until it’s October. I’m so impatient I think I’m going to burst! Those lucky Japanese people probably already beat that game, and they get HeartGold and SoulSilver before we even get Sky…Man, they’re sooooooo lucky.

  Well, here’s Sky. I already planned out who I want to be. I want to either be a Piplup with a Pikachu partner, a Chimchar with…probably a Grass or Water type? I’m too used to Piplup, so I might do Squirtle, or maybe Bulbasaur or Treecko…I don’t know! And I also want to be a Vulpix, but again I don’t know who my partner would be…Anyway, I better move on to Storm, Blaze, and Light.

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon
Image:Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Wii.png

Here’s Pokemon Mystery Dungeon…Please don’t make me say the names. If you want the full names, go to Mystery Dungeon…For the WII!? where I talk all about it. It’s the only Mystery Dungeon game for the Wii, and by the looks of it, it just came out in Japan. Even though I’m a Dungeon Fanatic, I’m not sure if I want this or not, because it’s not really like the other Dungeons at all. Anyway, moving on. I might as well talk about the other WiiWare game, Melee! Pokemon Scramble.

This game is another game I know nothing about, much like Pokemon Box, so don’t ask me. I just know that it’s currently only in Japan. Oh, there’s codes to get rarer Pokemon in that game, and since it has Mew, I might as well get that game when it comes out…That reminds me, I have to read up on the internet where you get her in Leaf Green…Anyway, sorry, I dozed off there for a minute. Moving on.
Now we are moving into the Ranger phase. First of all, let’s start with the original Ranger.
 I never beat this game, because I got stuck at the part where you have to catch Entei. The second time, you know, where you have to also catch Raikou and Suicune and you get no breaks in between catching all three of them? Well, actually, they’re easy, it’s Entei who’s the extremely hard one…Anyway, now it’s tiem to move on to one of my other favorite games, Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia.
 Now this game is fun to play. I like how you can have any Pokemon you want actually follow you around (in the Trainer games they just sit in their PokeBalls), and in the original Ranger, you had to release them once you got to a new area. Also, in the old Ranger, you had to circle them, let’s say eight times, and if you break it, then you have to do it all over again. See the difference? I beat this game twice, and I must say, it is a good game. I recommend it to you. Moving on. 
Aaaah, here’s Pokemon Snap. Pokemon Snap is where you take pictures of Pokemon to get them into your PokeDex, or something like that. As you can see, we are now out of the Ranger phase and into the phase called ‘Other’. I don’t have this game, so I have no reason to say ‘aaaah’, but I just felt like saying it, so…Never mind that, let’s move on to Pokemon Dash.
  This is Pokemon Dash, and by the looks of it it’s based in Hoenn, and you have to have a race or something like that. Luckily it’s for the DS, so if I ever see it, Ill buy it, but I suppose it’s rare by now, because I haven’t seen it. Now, here’s the LAST AND FINAL game I’m going to post today. There are many more Pokemon games that are on the pc or whatever, but I’m going to post only the major ones, and this one is at the end of the list. It is…(drumroll is sounding in the distance) POKEMON TROZEI!
 Pokemon Trozei! is this puzzle game like Collapse or whatever, but it has a bit of a story to it. I don’t have any experience playing it, but I know that The Pokemon Company probably doesn’t make it anymore, because I haven’t seen it around. Well, that’s all the games, so I’d just like to say Waddlespink9, over and out!
PS- I’d like to give the biggest effort ever to Bulbapedia, for supplying me with information and such all about these games, and for lending me their pictures. You go, Bulbapedia! I’m your biggest fan 😀  

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