Posted by: Waddlespink9 | June 17, 2010

Big Generation V Info (& some more news)

Alright, we’re back.

For now.

There have been many breakthroughs of Gen. V.

One is the covers of Black and White (which feature Reshiram and Zekrom, respectively) and the other is seven new Pokemon (excluding Reshiram and Zekrom)

As promised, I will tell you all about the new Pokemon! Which Hmhsmfan will be doing!

Hola. Hmhsmfan here, telling you about the nine new Pokemon. I’ll start with the version mascots.

Reshiram (my fave new Pokemon, besides Tsutarja) is Fire-Dragon type. It is the WhiteYang Pokemon, and graces the front cover of Black version. It’s ability is Turbo Blaze, and it’s 3.2 meters tall (confused by that) and my unit converter says that’s 10.5 feet. Let’s go with that.

<– Reshiram

Zekrom (I call him my evil transformer dude) is Dragon-Electric type. He’s the Black Yin Pokemon. Surprised? Eh. Not really. He’s on White Version. The ability is Teravoltage. Zekrom is shorter than Reshiram at 2.9 meters (9.5 feet).

<– Zekrom

This is a long post already, and I’m not even halfway *sigh*.

Alright, now for Chiramii, the Chinchilla Pokemon. It’s type is Normal. Chiramii’s only known move is Sweep Slap, which slaps the foe multiple times. The ability is Cute Charm or Technician. Height is .4 meters (1.4 feet ??)

<– Chiramii

Munna is a really weird Pokemon, to say the least. I saw it and I was like O-O. It is the Dream Eater Pokemon, Psychic type. The ability is Synchronize or Forewarn. It’s new move is Telekinesis, which forces the foe to float. It’s nearly 2 feet tall.

<– Munna O-O

Giaru is like Magnemite, a lot. It’s Steel, the ability is Plus or Minus. The move is Gear Saucer, which hits the foe multiple times with two gears. Surprise surprise, it’s the Gear Pokemon, and isn’t even a foot tall :/

<– Giaru (told you it was like Magnemite!)

Mamepato is a Baby Pigeon Pokemon. Waddles and I believe it’s your bird Pokemon. Kanto was Pidgey/Spearow, Johto was also Pidgey, Hoenn’s was Wingull, and Sinnoh’s was Starly. Mamepato is Normal-Flying, same height as Giaru. Ability is Super Luck or Pigeon Breast, which prevents the defence from going down.

<– Mamepato

Hihidaruma, the insane gorilla. It’s the Blaze Pokemon, Fire type, and the ability is Invigorate. One more thing: Hihidaruma is 4.2 feet tall.

<– Hihidaruma

Shimama, the Electric zebra. The type is Electric, the species is Electrification Pokemon. The ability is Lightningrod, or Motor Drive. It’s reminding me of Manectric a little. Shimama’s move is Wild Bolt, which is like Volt Tackle. It’s real powerful and has recoil. Shimama is 2.6 feet tall, apparently.

<– Shimama

This is the last new Pokemon 😦 It is Meguroko, the Sand Crocodile Pokemon. It’s Ground-Dark, and reminding me of whats-it-called, that snappy guy with those jaws…Uh…Mawile *yeah, I just looked that up*. Anyway, Meguroko’s ability is Intimidate or Overconfident (raises attack when user defeats a foe). Meguroko is 2.29 feet tall.

<– Meguroko

The new professor for Isshu (the region) is Professor Aragi in Japan. She’s a woman, the first time in Pokemon history.

That’s all we have right now for Gen V.

And for the other news.

Waddles has been looking at your searches, so now we’re going to make posts to help you find what you’re looking for. *shuffles papers*


and Waddles.

Wow, that was a long post.


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