About this Blog (and us)

This blog is about creatures in another world called Pokemon. Sometimes, people called Trainers (humans who train Pokemon) use them as friends, while others use them as tools. They can use moves (special powers they have; an example would be Vine Whip, in which the Pokemon using it releases vines to whip the defending Pokemon) to attack each other in Battles (Pokemon battle with their Trainers), and win cool Gym Badges while battling Gym Leaders at their Gyms (The strongest Trainers in a certain area live in places called Gyms in which they wait for other weaker Trainers to come and Battle them). Eventually they battle the Elite Four (the four most pwoerful Trainers in a region), and if they manage to beat the Elite Four Champion (The strongest Trainer in a certan region), they become the new one. Sometimes, people called Rangers (humans who capture Pokemon to do stuff like cutting down trees and putting out fires and all that, but then they let them go) run regions where they make sure that Pokemon never get disrupted out of their natural habitat. Sometimes, Pokemon just live in their world with little or no humans at all, and the story focuses on them interacting with others like humans do. But whatever they do, it’s all still Pokemon, and I hope this blog teaches you to like them as well as I do. Waddlespink9, over and out.



Name: ….Hmhsmfan

Age: Why would I tell you that?

Gender: See above ^^

Favorite Pokemon: Hmmm…either Mew or Celebi.

Favorite game: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: All (yeah, I don’t know which)

Favorite region: Hoenn (it rocks and it was my first :D)

Favorite anime character: Don’t have one. If I did it would be Brock.

Least favorite Pokemon: Either Mewtwo or Zubat.

That’s about it for me.


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