Posted by: hmhsmfan | June 28, 2010

Even More Black and White Info!

There isn’t a lot of new info yet, but I’m happy to say that Black and White are coming…

September 18- Japan

Spring 2011- North America

Those are the only release dates I know, sorry!

I just found this news article on Bulbapedia:

There are five new Pokemon announced!! Plus, there can be triple battles with three Pokemon at a time battling! How is that for cool?!

Two new moves, too. They are: Grass Mixer and Drill Liner. Here are the Pokemon names and pictures (I don’t know which are which! Sorry!)






These aren’t the English names, just Japanese.

The pictures aren’t very good so far, so I’ll just give you a link.

To see the pictures of new Pokemon (they aren’t that good, okay?), go here:,_gameplay_shown_on_Oha_Suta

So there you go!

P.S. Another of my favorite new Pokemon is this one (circled in blue):

IDK why, it just fascinates me! One more thing: Waddles and I think we found more new Pokemon. But I can’t find the pictures, so…


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