Posted by: hmhsmfan | May 16, 2010

And the Fifth Generation Starts in Japan- Amazing New Info!

Hello everybody!

No news for a while now, but I have breaking news!!!
The fifth generation has arrived in Japan, but you know Pokemon lovers- we take a sneak peek!

The new games are Black and White! Linky for the images:

Sorry, can’t get them meself 😀

And they come out this fall in Japan on a new console- the Nintendo 3DS (plz note that this may not be the final name!) or the Nintendo DS. Not sure yet.

The 3DS can play DS games, but the DS might not hold 3DS games. BTW, the 3DS can do 3-D graphics without glasses! Awesomeness!

The new region in Japanese is Isshu! It is really far away from the others, but it may have CARS! OMG! POKEMON HAVE CARS NOW!!!

Now for the most excitement- starters! You want pictures? I have links to the OFFICIAL JAPANESE ANNOUNCEMENT. Unless you read Japanese, it won’t make sense, but you so want to see these images.

I love the Fire dude, Pokabu! xD ninja pig! But my ultimate fave is Tsutarja- the Grass guy. I have no idea why. But I do not like the Water guy. Waddles and I agree that he is totally creepy! His name is Mijumaru!

For more info on the starters, see Bulbapedia, k?

Now for more on B&W themselves!

In addition to the improved graphics, a number of aesthetic changes have been made from previous generations, including an altered battle scene, speech balloons for dialog, and a combined Pokémon Center and Poké Mart building.

That was from Bulbapedia ^^ Sounds totally awesome! Except for the Pokemon Center/Mart thing. I find it kind of creepy!

New battle scene:

Please forgive me for not putting in these pics directly, but it would cost me a lot of time and computer space 😦

Now for the best part: player characters!!! See the pictures on the Japanese site by clicking here:

My opinion: the girl is awesome 😀 but the guy looks like a girl and thus makes me kind of creeped out and glad I will not choose him! There are no names for them yet. We’ll keep an eye- or ear, or mouse- out!

One last quote from Bulbapedia:

Black and White will be compatible with all five Generation IV games. While the full details are not yet known, transferring the shiny legendary beasts released with the 13th movie in Japan has been confirmed to unlock an event in the games.

Yay! I have Entei, Raikou and Suicuine thanks to cheat codes! Now I get an event! Wait…it says shiny. Dang.

Sigh. Don’t you want to live in Japan now? LOL! Bye!

Your Favorite Postal Carrier (I know, random!)



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